Formando Rutas is an audiovisual educational program about lithium mining in the Atacama Desert, the responsibility of automobile companies, and solutions beyond the individual electric car. The objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge between the Global South and the Global North for the understanding of a true Just Transition to green energies and to promote a coherent urban mobility to the present times.

Through 10 short films – mainly made in the Atacama region and Berlin – the demands of affected communities, activists, women scientists, bicycle organizations, lithium and automobile workers’ unions, affected communities in Brandenburg (Germany), and urban development experts are shown.

The educational program raises concerns about conventional “green growth” narratives driven by governments, corporations, and certain non-governmental organizations that benefit large-scale mining and automobile manufacturers.

Through short films, teaching guides, posters and virtual discussions, alternative discourses are presented so that popular educators and teachers in secondary and higher education can build a foundation of critical thinking that guides students as agents of change.

Who we are

Juan Donoso is an audiovisual producer and writer on socio-environmental issues based in Berlin. He seeks new dialogues between anti-capitalist movements and community building, operating “from below”, and facilitating communicational interactions between a wide range of solidarity networks. He is a seeker of climate solutions, an adventurer of narrative strategies, and convinced of the transformative power of stories.

Daniela Carvajal is an anthropologist, photographer and filmmaker from northern Chile. She is currently based in La Serena, Chile, after living in different cities and countries. From there she develops different projects on her own initiative and works as a freelance. Her work focuses mainly on environmental conflicts, social movements, Latin American intangible heritage, migration and gender.

Aline Juárez is a Mexican filmmaker based in Berlin. She has been involved in several artistic projects, mostly related to marginalized communities or the migrant diaspora in Europe and Latin America. She has also worked closely with activists, movements and artists in Germany, Mexico, Chile and Spain.

Her documentaries and film works address social and political issues, while portraying the resistance of marginalized groups. Her films as director (Días de lucha, días de luto; Voces Desplazadas; and Wären Sie mal besser zu Hause geblieben) and cinematographer (Parda) have been screened at several international film festivals.

As a community of people who care about this issue, there are a number of actions we can take to help. With your donation we will develop new short films, events, and educational materials - together we can protect the Andean salt flats and wetlands!

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